Welcome to RHP 9 – Transforming Healthcare Now

Waiver Information


  • Medicaid 1115 Waiver renewed October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2022. Click here to review  the updated RHP 9 Plan for demonstration years DY7-8.
  • Five-year demonstration waiver that began on September 1, 2011
  • Aligns with the Triple Aim of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Improve the experience of care, Improve the health of populations, and Reduce the per capita costs of healthcare without compromising quality.
  • Creation of Regional Healthcare Partnerships (RHP) that support coordinated, efficient delivery of quality care, and a plan for system transformation that is driven by the needs of the community.
  • Provides incentive payments for quality improvement and healthcare delivery system reform

Quick Facts on RHP 9:

  • 3 Counties: Dallas, Denton, & Kaufman
  • 2,530 square miles
  • Population of 3.1 million
  • 40% are low income
  • 23 providers participating in Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects
  • Needs assessment: Gaps in access, behavioral health, and overall care coordination.

Upcoming Event

RHP 9, 10, & 18 are pleased to announce the

                           5th Annual

2019 Collaborative Connections - Impacting Care

                      A Learning Collaborative Summit
            Tuesday, May 14, 2019:  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      Wednesday, May 15, 2019:  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2018: RHP9 End of DY7 Celebration at the Happiest Hour 
Tuesday, May 14 - Wednesday May 15, 2019: RHP 9, 10, & 18 Learning Collaborative Summit.  Register at  2019 Learning Collaborative
September 2019: 86th Texas Legislative Session Recap






Making a Difference

October DY7 Reporting
  • October DY7 reporting webinars will be on Thursday, October 4th.  Outlook invites have been sent.  Will update with webinar information once available. 
    • 10-11:30am:  General reporting information and Categories A, B & D
    • 1:30-3:30pm:  Category C webinar will be in the afternoon from 1:30 - 3:30
  • In preparation for the October DY7 reporting period, if a provider needs to request access to the reporting system for additional staff, they should complete the RHP Contact Change Form, making sure to check the option for DSRIP Website (User) under “Location of Change,” and submit it to the waiver mailbox at TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us. HHSC Staff will make updates once received. 
Category D - PPE
  • PPE reports needed for Category D reporting were distributed this morning to hospital providers participating in DSRIP and/or UC.
  • DSRIP Reporting:  Hospitals participating in DSRIP should use the PPE report(s) for informational purposes and for reporting on DSRIP Category D metrics during the October DY7 reporting period. Additional guidance regarding Category D reporting will be made available on the DSRIP Online Reporting System’s Bulletin Board as we get closer to the October DY7 reporting period. Questions related to reporting Category D for DSRIP should be sent to the Transformation Waiver mailbox at TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us.
  • UC Reporting:  Hospitals participating in UC should use the PPE report(s) for informational purposes and to confirm that their facility has received the data for their hospital and that they agree that the data is for their hospital. Please note that DY6 Category 4 certifications were sent by HHSC Rate Analysis to UC-Only hospitals in July 2018 and providers were asked to certify that they would review their PPE reports once received. Any questions concerning the UC certification process and reporting of Category D for UC-Only Hospitals should be sent to RAD's UC Tools mailbox at uctools@hhsc.state.tx.us.
  • If providers did not receive their PPE reports or need us to resend their PPE reports, please send requests to the Transformation Waiver mailbox at TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us.
Category D – Patient Satisfaction
  • The measurement period for reporting on Patient Satisfaction will be standardized starting with the October DY7 reporting period, during which providers will use measurement period 10/1/2016 - 9/30/2017 (DY6). In DY8, providers will report on 10/1/17 - 9/30/18 either in April or October depending on when they receive "Top-Box" response data for the reporting questions. Providers must use consistent methodology for reporting in DY7 and DY8.

Cat D reporting questions will be posted on the bulletin board.  Will send once available. 

Category C (3)
  • Category 3 reporting summaries are attached. The Cat 3 RHP Summary includes all Category 3 outcomes in a given region. The Cat 3 Summary includes outcome specific summaries and the Category 3 goal calculator. These summaries contain the most recent reporting information submitted to HHSC as of 9/17/18. Providers should review the data and check for accuracy.
  • There will not be an interim corrections period prior to October DY7 reporting. Instead, providers will need to make any needed corrections in the October DY7 Category 3 reporting template.
  • Providers who need to make corrections should email the Waiver mailbox during the reporting period with the RHP number and  project ID, the outcome measure, the years requiring correction, and a detailed explanation of why the correction is needed (i.e., why the information reported previously is inaccurate and how the correction information is calculated). Once this information is reviewed, HHSC will provide instructions on how to make corrections. Please contact HHSC as early as possible in the reporting period and no later than October 19, so they have time to review your information and respond before the reporting period closes.
Learning Collaboratives
  • Registration for the 2019 RHPs 9, 10, and 18 Impacting Care Learning Collaborative is open!  The learning collaborative will be Tuesday and Wednesday,  May 14 & 15 at Hurst Convention Center.  You can register at 2019 Learning Collaborative .
  • We will also have a 86th Texas Legislative Session recap in September 2019; Date TBD. 
  • Save the Date for our RHP9 End of DY7 Celebration on Tuesday, November 13th at the Happiest Hour.  An invite to come.