Welcome to RHP 9 – Transforming Healthcare Now

Waiver Information

  • Five-year demonstration waiver that began on September 1, 2011
  • Aligns with the Triple Aim of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Improve the experience of care, Improve the health of populations, and Reduce the per capita costs of healthcare without compromising quality.
  • Creation of Regional Healthcare Partnerships (RHP) that support coordinated, efficient delivery of quality care, and a plan for system transformation that is driven by the needs of the community.
  • Provides incentive payments for quality improvement and healthcare delivery system reform

Quick Facts on RHP 9:

  • 3 Counties: Dallas, Denton, & Kaufman
  • 2,530 square miles
  • Population of 3.1 million
  • 40% are low income
  • 25 providers participating in Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects
  • Needs assessment: Gaps in access, behavioral health, and overall care coordination.
  • 129 DSRIP projects
    • 46 Infrastructure Development projects (Category 1)
    • 83 Program Innovation and Redesign projects (Category 3)
    • 200 Plus Outcome Measures (Category 3)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017: Due date to contact HHSC of any errors in reporting history, goal calculation, approved subsets or measurement periods. 
March 31, 2017: Submit PFM Protocol to CMS for approval  
Wednesday, April 5, 2017: 10:30am to 12pm:  DY6 Reporting Webinar 
November 2017: Regional Community Needs Assessment due.  


Making a Difference

  • Over the last few years, HHSC has been increasingly focused on Alternative Payment  Models (APM). APMs (often called value based purchasing (VBP)), refer to healthcare payment models that move away from simple fee for service to models that create linkages between the healthcare payment and measures of quality and/or efficiency (i.e. "value"). Through the Managed Care Organization's contract, HHSC is strengthening its requirements for MCOs to expand APMs with providers.
  • Because APM  is a paradigm shift, HHSC seeks your feedback on a short survey. Please only 1 response per DSRIP provider. 
  • The more feedback HHSC receives, the more it helps HHSC understand APMs from our perspectives. 
  • HHSC will be setting up a meeting with MCOs and providers to discuss this issue, and the information obtained from the survey will help guide the discussion.
  • Web-link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VBP-Implementation-Survey
Health Informatics Conference
  • TWU is hosting a spring conference on health informatics that I believe is beneficial to our providers. 
  • The event will take place on Friday, April 7th from 8am to 5pm at the Dallas TWU campus. 
  • Registration is free and the program reflects a focus on community collective action for engaged, competent health care, supported by informatics.  
  • Link to invitation, FREE registration and program: https://twuinformatics.eventbrite.com
April DY6 Reporting
  • HHSC will be holding a webinar for April DY6 Reporting on Wednesday, April 5th, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The April DY6 Reporting webinar will focus on QPI and Category 3.  Log-in information will be sent out and posted on the waiver website as soon as it is available.  Outlook invite was sent last night.    
Category 3
  • HHSC has updated the Category 3 summary documents following DY5R2 NMI Reporting, MSLC Updates, and approved DY6 R1 Interim Corrections submitted by the February deadline. Please review the attached documents carefully and contact HHSC if you identify any errors in reporting history, goal calculation, approved subsets or measurement periods. Please contact HHSC by March 29th with any identified errors so that they can be corrected before finalizing the April DY6 reporting template.

o   The RHP Summary File has been updated so that outcomes that moved regions because of project combinations are included under both the associated DY5 and DY6 region.

o   The Category 3 Summary Workbook and Goal Calculator continues to use DY5 regions and project IDs to generate reporting history summaries. 

April DY6 Reporting
  • Attached please find the DY6 DSRIP Reporting FAQ document which addresses changes to the DSRIP reporting process for DY6 (e.g., SAR requirements, DY5 carryforward reporting for combined projects and projects discontinued in DY6, reporting templates, etc.). Questions regarding the April DY6 reporting process should be sent to the waiver mailbox at TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us.
  • In preparation for April DY6 reporting, Margie and Charles will be contacting each provider for an updated contact list.
  • Category 4 PPE reports will be sent to hospital providers at the end of March.